Fair Play. is the video sector curated by Micol Hebron and presented in partnership with CMX Cinemas, which will feature The Femmes’ Video Art Festival projected onto the large-scale LED viewing screen.


Founded in 2015, the Femmes’ Video Art Festival includes not just women artists, but femme, gender nonconforming, genderqueer, and nonbinary artists as well. The selection of videos in Fair Play. is intended to foster an expansive conversation about gender, authorship, identity, and identity expression and representation. From #MeToo to #NotYou, Fair Play. aims to provide space for the voices of artists working in video who have heretofore been marginalized by cis-hetero identity norms. Fair Play. includes the special participation of YoungArts alumni.  



Alexis Bolter
Ali Prosch
Alisa Yang
Alison Pirie
Amanda Seddon
Amy Jorgensen
Amy Finkbeiner
Andrea Bowers
Angie Jennings
Anna Garner
Annette Huelly
Annique Delphine
Antonia Wright

Cara Despain
Carolyn Castaño
Catherine and Eran Cartwright
Cauleen Smith
Cheri Gaulke
Chrischa Oswald
Christen Clifford
Christina Catherine Martinez
Christy Roberts Berkowitz
Cindy Rehm
Cole Lu
Courtney Kessel

D. Hill
D.S. Chapman
Dana Washington
Daniela Ortiz
Diana-Sofia Estrada


Eden Mitsenmacher
Eden Mitsenmacher & Rebecca Tritschler
Eliza Fernand
Elizabeth Wurst
Ellina Kevorkian
Erika Barbosa
Eugenia Barbuc

Gabrielle Gorman
Georgie Flood

Heather Trawick

Jessica Fairfax Hirst
Joiri Minaya
Julia Charlotte Richter
Julie Orser

Katy B. Plummer
Katya Grokhovsky
Kira Bursky

La Chica Boom
Lauryn Henry & Isabela Dos Santos
Lena Wolek
Lissa Corona
Liu Sha

Malado Baldwin & Sarah Walko
Maria Jose Arjona
Mariana Collares
Marie Karlberg
Mariel Berger
Marina Santana
Molly Lowe
Mon Iker

Nina Lassila
Nontsikelelo Mutiti

Pearl Hsiung

Red Bind (Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman
Renée M. Browne
Roxy Farhat
Ruby Drake

Sallie Scheuffler
Sharita Towne
Sigalit Landau
Simone Lueck
Soyoung Kwon
Suné Woods

Taja Lindley
Ting Ting Cheng

Umber Majeed
United Colors of Bitchaton

Valerie Jean Chen & Moe Shahrooz

Yoshie Sakai