Fair Trade. includes all major public works, performances and happenings within and throughout Brickell City Centre that encourage participation and/or an immediate exchange of ideas between artists and viewers.


Fair Trade. will feature work Wish Tree for Peace by Yoko Ono which encourages viewers to leave their wishes behind—their act becoming a part of the creation of the artwork as both a performative participatory gesture and later as a document in Ono’s Imagine Peace tower; the Guerrilla Girls intervention spills into public space confronting all visitors to the shopping center; Jillian Mayer’s installation You’ll Be Okay appropriates skywriting as an artistic medium; a live durational performance underscore by Colombian-born, Miami-based Nathalie Alfonso is an incessant rhythm of washing away her own work that visibilizes invisible labor; Jessy Nite’s collaboration with Paloma Teppa of Plant the Future is a plant-based biophiliac work that will continue to grow and flourish throughout the exhibition; Cara Despain references the wage gap for women today working across all industries in her work 22% More Free! 22% OFF!, an audio loop within the elevators outside of Fair Market.; Fordistas will present Fair Air. as they take over Fair.’s frequencies by telling the stories behind the movement. —a nomadic, multilingual, online radio channel—presents four women DJs through a global broadcast with a live-streamed Club Silent party.

Nathalie Alfonso (Colombia)

Nathalie Alfonso is a contemporary artist who investigates the value of manual labor, the degeneration of the body, and notions of impermanence through drawing, installation, and video. Her work underscore is a durational performance occurring over all four days of Fair. that provides an incessant rhythm of washing away her own work that visibilizes invisible labor.

Guerrilla Girls (USA)

As part of Fair. Trade the Guerrilla Girls intervention spills into public space with one historic work and two new works from 2017. Wealth and Power serves as the center point of the shopping center, a reminder that without diverse voices we can not understand our own histories and narratives but are rather only presented with the history of wealth and power. You’re Seeing Less Than Half the Picture is a billboard from 1989 that urges the inclusion of women and artists of color for a full understanding of art history and society. And finally Dear Collector draws attention to labor and fair wage.

Jillian Mayer (USA)

Mayer’s iconic You’ll Be Okay video work here becomes a banner that appropriates sky writing as an artistic and creative medium and attempts to make permanent an ephemeral and quickly disappearing message.

Yoko Ono (Japan / USA)

Yoko Ono is a Japanese multimedia artist, singer, songwriter, and peace activist who is also known for her work in performance art and filmmaking. Wish Tree for Peace is an iconic work that she has created in cities and spaces around the world since the 1990s. The piece encourages viewers to interact with her creative practice and Buddhist tradition by leaving their wishes tied to the branches of a tree in public space-- their act becoming a part of the creation of the artwork as both a performative participatory gesture and later as a document in Ono’s Imagine Peace tower. is an online, nomadic, multilingual, event-based radio station that transmits on transportation, migration, and mobility. The radio will be stationed on a ground floor, highly trafficked area of Brickell City Centre and will invite women DJs and music-makers to generate communal space through sound every evening through out the four days of Fair. This particular transmission will be part of radioee DRIFT Sessions and is called Clamor. DRIFTS are short broadcast sessions produced in collaboration with musicians, theorists, and soundmakers of all sorts.

Jill Weisberg (USA)

Jill Weisberg creates public art with feminist messaging. Her work bridges fine art and graphic design by integrating typography and images. She Comes First is a site-sensitive public art installation that appropriates a feminist text and thousands of round pink reflective sequins.

Cara Despain (USA)

Cara Despain is a Miami-based artist working primarily in video, film and sound. For Fair. Despain was commissioned to create a new audio work 22% More Free! 22% OFF! that references the wage gap for women today working across all industries. An audio loop that is a site-specific intervention within the elevators outside of Fair Market., the piece reflects relative time spent getting to the same destination—the slower of the two elevators traveling at 78% speed to reach the same destination.

Jessy Nite (USA) with Paloma Teppa (Argentina)

Jessy Nite’s collaboration with Paloma Teppa of Plant the Future takes a poetic phrase by the artist and translates it into a plant-based biophiliac work. Paloma Teppa is an artist who founded Plant the Future—a nature-inspired design firm based in Miami. She embraces biophilia by fusing art and nature and in this case has created an installation that will grow and flourish and ultimately decay during the course of its exhibition. ‘

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